Matthew Kercher
Freelance programmer, developer, designer.
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My services and experiences in mobile development.

iOS Development

With a strong history of iOS design and development, I can create any iPhone and iPad application necessary to you or your company.

Media Streaming

I've worked heavily with audio and music streaming, structuring robust and scalable music services.

Server Deployment

Based on your needs, I can design and deploy an API for all of your apps and webpages to run from. One robust, secure backbone to run everything.


View some of my latest work to get an idea of what I have to offer.


iOS Development & Media Streaming

WICB Radio

Server Deployment & Media Streaming

M&B Bond Tracker

iOS Development

About Me

My bio, contact info, and CV.

Matthew Kercher


I am an experienced designer and developer, primarily focused on a career in iOS and web development. I'm currently working on odd jobs here and there in that field while I'm between stints in my education. While attending Ithaca College, I gained a lot of experience as a developer, working for the college radio, leading multiple groupwork projects, and, perhaps most importantly, heading up MegsRadio as the API designer and lead iPhone developer. As such, I can provide extensive support for fullstack development to meet all kinds of needs.


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